Imperial Internet

Users of the internet rely on a domain name service to convert addresses that are easy for humans to remember ( into IP addresses that can be used to access information.  Most users of the internet are restricted to domain names approved by ICANN, however, users of the Imperial Internet can access sites that are not available on the ICANN internet.

The Imperial Internet consists of the following top level domains that are resolved by the ImperialNIC servers:

    Unique to ImperialNIC:
  • .sea
  • .bbs
  • .chan
  • .dyn
  • .free
  • .geek
  • .gopher
  • .indy
  • .libre
  • .neo
  • .null
  • .o
  • .oss
  • .oz
  • .parody
  • .pirate


Currently, all ICANN TLDs as of April 1, 2017 are supported by the Imperial Internet.